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Mnohaya lita. Stoyko, Ukraine, 0:56
Bhumi, Ukraine, 0:56
New Jerusalem, Ukraine, 1:12
A Portrait on the Background of Mountains, Ukraine, 1:25
Heaven, Ukraine, 0:45
Delta, Ukraine, 1:22
Living Fire, Ukraine, 1:17

Land of Molfars, Ukraine, 0:40

Lamalera, Denmark, 0:54
The Second Encounter, Brasil, 01:00
Gushegu Exile, Denmark and Ghana, 00:52
Rajaa, that means hope, France, 0:53
Cracks, Bulgaria, 0:55

Earthquake of Time, Chile, 1:28

The Unsung, India, 0:27
The Voice of the Mountaine, Switzerland, 0:27
Gadiya Lohar, India, 0:18
Transit, Turkey, 0:25
Peacekeepers: In the Svanetti Mountains, Ukraine, 0:25
Miss Curvy, UK, 0:24
Meduse Afro Hair and Other Myths, Senegal, 0:18
So Kou - The Horse's Tail and his Master Player Zoumana Téréta, Mali 0:16
The Land of Thalochians, Pakistan, 0:18
Talking Dreams, Italy, 0:37
Cops, Robbers and Old Men, Portugal, 0:10
Supper for the Dead Souls, Italy, 0:16
Dor Dor, Germany/, 0:23
This Ink Runs Deep, Canada, 0:16
Gimbal: A bet between tradition and economics, Indonesia, 0:15
Longye: The Jungle God, Canada, 0:20
Animal Image, Finland, 0:30
Okaeri, Belgium, 0:25
Spread the wings, Ireland, 0:11
The Inhabitant, Argentina, 0:05
Sarevo, Iran, 0:29
Kay Kay, Iran, 0:25
Hooked On, Serbia, 0:25
La Ramada, Peru, 0:15
Diorama, Ukraine, 0:11
Landslide, Ukraine, 0:27
Tsvetayeva and Mayakovsky, Ukraine, 0:27
Wedding With Cinemas, Turkey, 0:30
The Amsterdam T-Shirt Project, USA, 0:20
We are not Venice, Iran, 0:08

The Place of Power, Ukraine, 1:41
Humans of Christiania, Ukraine, 0:16
Krasna Malanka, Ukraine, 0:45
Chamur, Ukraine, 0:30
Ukraїner. The movie, Ukraine, 1:35

"Ukraine Worlwide"episod "Born by fire", Ukraine, 0:26

Matchmaking, Moldova. ATU Gagauzia, 1:50