Promo ОКО - International Ethnographic Film Festival 2021

Atlas of Memory, Italy, 1:15
Silêncio - Voices of Lisbon, Portugal, 1:26
Missing Girls, India, 1:06
Bedu Beddna Naiesh, Italy (about Egypt), 1:00
Another Paradise, Belgium (about Chagos Archipelago), 1:22
Yo'eme Labyrinth, Mexico, 1:27
The Village Resists, Belgium (about Brazil), 0:54
Barcelona - A Welcoming City, Germany (about Spain), 0:56

A Remedy for Envy, Greece 0:13
Outside the Oranges are Blooming, Serbia (about Portugal), 0:20
Vodou's Mirror, France (about Togo), 0:16
Arho – The Afar Salt Trade of Northeastern Ethiopia, Germany (about Ethiopia), 0:30
Djuedjevdan Is Yet To Come, Serbia, 0:40
Kɔtɛ, Mali, 0:26
Burning Cars, New Caledonia, 0:07
From Trash To Treasure: Turning Negatives into Positives in Lesotho, USA (about Lesotho), 0:25
Walking With Plants, Canada, 0:23
Emails to My Little Sister, Ethiopia, 0:35
The Depth Beneath, The Height Above, Switzerland, 0:18
Il Ponte Rotto, Italy, 0:09
Guli Armugʻon:Women’s Local Islamic Ritual in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, 0:23
The Golden Wing on Taiwan, USA (about Taiwan), 0:34
Twakana Yagan, Argentina, 0:15
Suñu Ekool, Senegal, 0:23
Tajen, USA (about Bali), 0:30
The Last Bonesetter, Peru, 0:27
Small Family, Happy Family, India, 0:39
Parizad, Iran, 0:24
Dakhla: Cinema and Oblivion, Spain (about Algeria), 0:15
To Be A Marma, UK (about Bangladesh), 0:15
Heritage, Denmark (about Palestine), 0:05
Gagulhchugh Nen Gagusun (The Land Looks Good All Around), Canada, 0:06
Amongst the Plants, Netherlands (about Peru), 0:34