Tatiana Atmazhova

Tatiana Atmazhova. The administrator of OKO Ethnographic Film Festival.

She always has everything in its place, she is responsible and patriotic, punctual and diplomatic.   She is proactive and ideological. And we lacked such a person in our team for the complete happiness during the preparation. 

Here are some words about herself and her motivation to be with us:
"I was born in the picturesque village of Krynychne on the coast of the beautiful Lake Yalpug. After successfully graduating from school, I received a diploma in "Management of Foreign Economic Activity", which gave me the understanding of conducting various projects. I worked for several years in the field of export-import, but the attracting to the native land took its toll. Now I can use my knowledge for the benefit of Bessarabia. Sometimes I tell my friends too much about my homeland, I often treat them with our traditional food and I always look forward their visit in my Bessarabia. As for me, this is a special place, incredibly hard-working and strong people, endless steppes, sky-blue lakes, a mysterious spring that beats from the ground for centuries, the sweetest fruits and grapes, the freshest vegetables, the lightest houses, the friendliest families! For me, "OKO" is an opportunity to share the warmth of this wonderful land with other peoples, to get acquainted with them, to exchange impressions about the native, to learn the old from them, making it new to themselves, to be inspired and inspire to preserve and reproduce what is close and almost forgotten, what is part of us: traditions, customs, values.