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The Place of Power

Director: Tetiana Stanieva

Country: Ukraine

Living in a foreign land, in a metropolis, far from her childhood home, the native of a unique Bulgarian village on the south of Ukraine comes home to her people, where lie her roots and her power, where the voice of ancestors, drowned out by globalisation and urbanisation, calls for her through the veterans’ memories.

Humans of Christiania

Director: Elena Rubashevska

Country: Ukraine / Україна

Getting a unique opportunity to become citizens of Christiania for a one month, we've tried to explore the Freetown behind the bright facades, loud music, and crowds of tourists. Who are those people who create a foundation of commune's prosperity? What are their routines? And except but Pusher Street, what Christiania can be famous for?

Krasna Malanka

Director: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Country: Ukraine 

This is the story of the inhabitants of the Romanian village of Krasnaya, which is located on the territory of Ukraine. They are preparing for the Malanka holiday, a holiday that is a symbolic event for every red dweller. And for young Krasnyansky guys, this is generally a kind of initiation rite in life. Malanka is a carnival in which everyone participates and has a role to play in a bizarre pagan act.

Ukraїner. The Movie.


Country: Ukraine

Ukraïner. The Movie is a story about the everyday life of the most unknown country on the European continent. The film consists of six stories woven into a single canvas. They reflect an ordinary day of Ukraine created by extraordinary Ukrainians. The characters in this film are not connected, their worlds are different. It is these differences that unite the country.

Аmerican Dream

Director: Vladimir Mula

Country: Ukraine

The film is based on the stories of people who once left their homes and went to meet a new and unknown life - from Ukraine to distant America to fulfill their dream there. How do they live , what can they tell there, but never admit to friends in Ukraine? Candid stories about life in the United States as it is.

"Ukraine Worlwide" episod "Born by fire"

Director: by Serhii Proskurnia

Country: Ukraine

The main character goes on a journey around the world. She will look for artifacts of influence. Ukraine's influence on the world. She flies across continents and crosses oceans to find answers to her questions - who are Ukrainians and what were they like? What were her ancestors like?

SHE is immersed in the era of initial human settlement of the modern territory of Ukraine. She reveals the mystery of the sacred birth of fire. Ancient people, their customs, way of life, culture, rules of survival. She leads us to the Stone Tomb - a landmark of Ukraine and the world to shed light on the mysteries of the birth of mankind.


Director: by Tetiana Stanieva
Country: Ukraine

Chamur is a tradition that 30-40 years ago was absolutely typical for the Bulgarian village of Krynychne (Ukraine). Residents of the whole village gathered together and mixed clay with straw to create mudbricks which later would serve as bricks to build their houses, make their homes.

SIn 2019, residents from all over Krynychne get together for Chamur to start the construction of an ethnographic museum in an authentic way.

On the land cursed with hard work by God, from dust born and into dust until they return, the people of Krynychne use the dust to make their bricks of happiness, finding their lost paradise for at least one day.


Director: by Ivan Patraman

Country: Moldova. ATU Gagauzia

The film will show the incredible love story of two young people, through the prism of confrontation between the two families. This film tells about the lifestyles of the original and unique Gagauz people at the turn of 1920-1930. The script of the film is based on the story of the classic of Gagauz literature Nikolai Baboglu. An exciting story about Divine providence and sharp turns of fate.

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