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International Short Film Competition 2022


Director: Andrea Grasselli
Country: Italy

The poetic relationship, between the ancient ritual of Zenerù and the life of the hermit shepherd Flaminio, makes us reflect on the border between domestic and wild, between known and unknown. At the end of the winter, Flaminio, a resistant shepherd, prepares materially and spiritually for the arrival of the spring through daily rituals, using the tools he built for himself: he moves and sows the ground, shears the sheep and makes a woolen suit for the new season. The communities of the valley chase the winter away with cowbells and bonfires through the ritual of Scasada dol Zenerù, which is inserted into the story of the shepherd’s life as a dreamlike element that draws on an ancestral memory. Flaminio’s sensitivity, strongly connected to Nature, allows him to perceive when it is time to call the community to act, starting the ritual.


Director: Wilmarc Val
Country: France (about Haiti)

This documentary tells the story of how, when a Haitian voodoo priestess, a Mambo, dies, it is up to the children to celebrate the deity she served. It’s time for my mother to come home to perform this ritual in honor of my late grandmother.


Director: Andrea Gatopoulos
Country: Greece (about Zanzibar)

A sentimental odyssey about the illusions and prejudices of an European man that goes to live in Zanzibar, told through his letters to his beloved woman, in a time where globalization and mass tourism are shaking and transforming the tropical island, its people and culture.

Nachunema. Ramiro´s trial

Director: José Francisco Lara, Ana Hilda Vera
Country: Mexico

Two young Raramuri have a fight in a harvest field in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. One of them is badly injured and the other, Ramiro, is arrested. The documentary testifies the way in which the trial was carried out and the judge's decline of jurisdiction in favor of the Rarámuri indigenous authority. First case of its kind in Chihuahua.


Director: Ico Costa
Country: Portugal (about Ethiopia)

Timkat is a celebration to commemorate the baptism of Christ in the river Jordan in order to save all mankind. "The ones who are not baptized every year will not be able to reach the kingdom of heaven.

Tails of men

Director: Ananthakrishnan Pillai, Monica Bustamante, Boton Pushok, Charllote Muller
Country: Hungary

What secrets do men hide behind their moustache? With this absurd fascination as a starting point, Tales of Men explores manhood and the Hungarian male culture, in order to invest some deeper questions such as gender, identity and love, beyond the moustache. Tales of Men is a short documentary film shot in rural Hungary by an international team of filmmakers.

Nomad Girl

Director: Rouhollah Akbari
Country: Iran

The daughter of one of the nomadic tribes, despite all the problems caused by the traditions and common beliefs about girls exercising, succeeds in many successes in the sport of king boxing. He tries to persuade the families of the girls in the area to encourage them to attend training classes in the "Black Tent" of the Nomads.

Spirit of Place

Director: Ali Alghanim
Country: Saudi Arabia

Just as a person has a soul, a place has a soul Memories, Stories and tales stored in the walls of the place

White Daughter in law

Director: Bojan Dakić
Country: Serbia (about Roma)

The documentary film BELA SNAJA is part of the television series KOSMOS ROMA. The film is the result of research focused on desirable and undesirable models of behavior in the Roma community on the territory of Vojvodina. Until the eighties of the last century, mixed marriages in the Roma community were taboo. However, there was a myth about a white woman and a black man. Božidar and Suzana were the first to translate that myth into reality, they stood against tradition and fought for their love. After this case, marriages between Roma and non-Roma became more common and accepted.

La Quebradilla

Director: Víctor Villegas
Country: Chile

In "La Quebradilla" of Alto Hospicio the movement of people, objects and emotions converge, articulated by proximity trade. An almost imperceptible ravine now houses a kilometric open-air market, managed in urban contestation.


Director: Dina Uglešić
Country: Croatia

This film follows three seemingly different men. Toma, Valentin and Nenad are three friends, and what unites them is their longterm friendship, but also the fact that they have been part of an unusual secret front for twenty years.

I wanted to know who I am

Director: Antonio Aleixo
Country: Portugal

In 2021, the director Antonio Aleixo opened a Pandora Box. Eleven hours of super 8 film recorded by his grandparents. And with it came the question that gives a title to this cathartic documentary where the fragilities and heritages of a family dynamic are exposed. How much of the root still lives in the fruit?


Director: Marx Braga
Country: Brazil

From a pet to a symbol of the fight for the preservation of Biodiversity, the Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the most emblematic species of Brazilian fauna. Native to the Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro, the history of the tamarin is intertwined with the history of the forest and the history of Brazil.

Ederlezi: Spring Comes To The Neighborhood

Director: Nesli Ozalp Tuncer, Yunus Tuncer
Country: Turkey

This film is the first of the "Ederlezi" documentary trilogy. Thousands of people from all over the city attackt the Tenekeli Neighborhood, which no one wants to enter, 364 days a year, just one day a year. This only day when the walls between Roma and other segments of society disappear is Ederlezi, the most important for the Roma people, where the arrival of spring is celebrated.

The Wormwood Star

Director: Adelina Borets
Country: Ukraine

The «Wormwood Star» is a 14-minute documentary film about choices and values. The film shows the village of Mali Klischi, which has existed since 1790. In 1972, there were 200 houses and 530 inhabitants. Residents of the village have been displaced due to radioactive contamination. The Regional Council removed the village from the register on June 21, 1991. Today, only two inhabitants remain in what used to be the village of Mali Klischi. The Leading characters of the film are a mother and son - Nina (79 y.o.) and Alexander ( 62 y.o.). There is a great misunderstanding between them, despite the fact that they live together for many years. In order to remain in their houses they have paid the highest price – loneliness.

Going Alone

Director: Raphael Schanz
Country: Germany

Every year, five to ten percent of all deceased Berliners are buried by the authorities because no relatives are found. Most of them are put into the ground by mortician Bernd Simon going alone. But sometimes companions do turn up and say goodbye in their very own way. An observational documentary about an undertaker who actually wanted to become an entertainer, a bizarre city portrait and a mirror of how we deal with death, mourning and commemoration.

Коли ріка стає кордоном / When a River Becomes a Border

Режисер: Робі Лайо / Robi Layio
Країна: Камерун / Cameroon

Стрічка показує штучність і крихкість кордону між Камеруном і Чадом, який пролягає по річці Шарі. Люди, що живуть обабіч її берегів, вільно пересуваються туди-сюди й послуговуються цими соціально-етнічними коридорами, щоб проникати в обидві країни та використовувати усі можливості, що відкриваються перед ними. Головна героїня фільму – студентка університету в Чаді Вальдіга, яка, як і багато інших у цьому регіоні, веде життя по обидва боки річки.

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