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Denis Budanov

Film critic, film journalist and M.A. in Cinema Studies. Member of FIPRESCI, Union of the Ukrainian Film Critics & Ukrainian Film Academy. He was a member of the Ukrainian Oscar Committee for the term of 2022-23. Programmer of the Kamianets-Podilskyi IFF "Brukivka" and the Kharkiv MeetDocs Eastern Ukrainian FF.

The winner of the award of Union of the Ukrainian Film Critics "Kinokolo" in the nomination "For achievements" (2021) - for "digital archiving of the national film process" and special honorary award of the IFF"Brukivka" (2021) for " significant contribution and assistance to the popularization of the film festival movement in Ukraine and digitalization and archiving of the achievements of national cinema, including independent, authorial and amateur Ukrainian films".

Author of materials about cinema for print and online media (LB; QHA; CUT Insight; Cineast, DzygaMDB, etc.). He runs his own blog about cinema «KinoФайли». Permanent contributor to the databases IMDb, Letterboxd, etc. Promotes and popularizes Ukrainian film culture and the film festival movement.

Denis was born in Crimea. He has a higher education in law, economics and art (M.A. in Cinema Studies - diploma with honors). He has been interested  in cinema since school, but he has come a long way from "cinephileism as a hobby" to the first publications in the municipal print press in 2013 in as a freelance film critic, later decided to get an education as a film study and devote more time to creative activities in the field of cinema. Prior to that, he worked in law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, later as a lawyer in the housing and communal services sector, and now combines film work with jurisprudence in the commercial private sector.

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