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Liliya Topor

Ukrainian graphic and web designer in the team of the OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival.


She was born in Odesa on September 24, 1984.


In 2006, she got a master's degree in Management of Foreign Economic Activity at Kyiv National Aviation University.


Liliya has always been passionate about exploring the world of visual art, from painting, photography, and film art to graphics and the creation of digital interfaces. Her interest in this world of creativity led her to study design.


In 2007–2009, she received her qualification as a graphic and web designer after completing a series of professional courses, including those at the Design Class and Projector educational centers.


She has ten years of experience in the creative and IT industries. She has created brand identities and developed complex design systems and web projects for various companies and initiatives.


In 2019–2020, she lectured at Projector Odesa and Point School educational centers as an independent designer.


Since 2020, Liliya has joined the OKO team, providing design strategy and full support with layouts for print and social media for the film festival.


Currently, she is engaged in design for film projects, including the development of film art: posters, character posters, font logos (unique main titles), related printing, merchandise, creatives for social networks, press kits, pitch presentations, and other types of visual design for online and offline platforms.

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