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EnergaCAMERIMAGE Film Festival Performance by Tetiana Stanieva and Lena Rubashevskaya (Torun 2022)

We are still so impressed by yesterday's opening that we want to share our emotions and impressions with our audience

The only time when people in the hall stood up was to honor the memory of Ukrainians who died in this unjust war of Russia against Ukraine.

After the speech of our director Tetiana Staneva and programmer Olena Rubashevska the whole hall was crying. Camerimage guests came up to them to express their support, strong men could not hide their tears and told their stories related to Ukraine. Some of them have been to Ukraine and cannot accept the fact that this beautiful land is being destroyed by shells every day. Someone has friends-filmmakers who went to war and took up weapons instead of cameras. Someone shared that they accept refugees from Ukraine. These are people from Great Britain, France, and Germany.

The German guest simply apologized for the fact that his country is not doing enough, they could provide more weapons because what is happening in Ukraine now is also the fault of Europe, which did not react to the annexation of Crimea and the annexation of part of Donbas in 2014.

Another man from England shared that after the full-scale aggression began in February, he traveled through small English villages, and in each of them there were yellow and blue flags. There were never even English flags there, but Ukrainian ones are!

This means that Europe and the whole civilized world are with us, it gives us hope that victory is coming soon. And next year we will all be able to meet at the fourth edition of our International Ethnographic Film Festival "OKO" in Bolhrad!

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