Tetiana Stanieva

Tatiana Stanieva, 11/08/1984, was born in the Bulgarian village of Krynychne (Chushmeliy) in the Bolgrad district of Odessa region, Ukraine. The place of birth determined her fate. After successful completion of secondary education in her native village, she studied theology in the capital of the country, after which she graduated with honors from the Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko, specializing in "Folkloristics. Philology of Ukrainian language and literature". The choice of this way was dictated by the desire to go deep into the traditions of the region, study them, understand and preserve.


She has two years of experience in project management as a Deputy NGO " Bessarabia Development Center " for cultural projects, the biggest two of which are the rock festival "Danube Sich" in Izmail in 2019, and the Bessarabia-Folk Festival in Horodnie (Chiishiy), May 2019. She is a Founder and producer of the annual International Ethnographic Film Festival “OKO”. Starting from April of 2020 year she is a Founder and director of NGO Association of creative personalities “OKO”.


Tatiana Stanieva is a director and producer of the documentary "The Place of Power" (December 2018) about Krynychne  (Chushmeliy), which was presented in many cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Krynychne, Izmail, Zaporizhia) and other countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic) as part of festivals. (Teaser - https://youtu.be/O-cgsmJiF14). The debut documentary "Place of Power" is a continuation of the author's quest for life. "I become a film director because I had a lot to say. And I did it not because I could, but because I couldn't help but do it," says the director about her motivation to take up film-making.


She is also an author of a short length documentary "Chamour" (https://youtu.be/0K3gAEQ5YCY) which won two awards in America and Canada as the best documentary at international film festivals and was selected for the film program at festivals in France, Israel, Italy, and now - Cyprus. Currently, it continues his festival life.

Her filmography also includes the production and directing of the full-length documentary "Easter Reconstruction" (100 min, April 2021), which is shown in Odessa at a “car premiere” (April 30), on Odessa "7 TV Channel".

Tatiana is an author of the script for a feature film, the adventure comedy "Tricky Peter”. Works on pre-production of the project.

Currently, she produces 12 documentary series (26 minutes) "Dying Villages" commissioned by National television “Suspilne Media”.

She is also the producer of the video studio "PowerFilm Production", which accompanies creation of all film projects.

She is engaged in SMM work, conducts 5 pages of projects on Facebook (thousands of Followers), directs PR service of projects, and writes articles for the media.

She has 7 years of diplomatic experience at the Embassy of Palestine in Ukraine, experience in negotiations, public speeches and presentations. She is also a good speaker and an orator.

"The reason I became a film director is not for a career in cinematography but

because I had something to share.
I did it not because I can, rather because I can’t live without doing it"