Tetiana Stanieva

Tetiana Stanieva is a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board on Cultural programs of "Bessarabia Development Center" NGO. In partnership with Tatiana many projects were implemented, including such grand ones as "Dunayska Sich", the rock festival in Izmail (2019) and "BessarabiaFolk" festival in Gorodne village (2019).


Tatiana Stanieva was born in Krinichne (Chushmeliy), a Bulgarian village, which is located in Bolgrad district, Odessa region, Ukraine. She graduated from National University named after Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv and gained Master’s degree in Folklore and Philology of Ukrainian language and literature. The choice of this path was dictated by the desire to deepen in the traditions of her native country, to study, to understand and preserve them.


Tetiana Stanieva is an author, a screenwriter, a director and a producer of the documentary film about Krinichne (Chushmeliy) village, named "The Place of Power" (December, 2018), which was demonstrated not only in several cities of Ukraine, but in Bulgaria as well.


These days Tatiana, as an author and a director, is wrapped up in work on "Chamur", a documentary meter film, and on a new project of the game film "Хитър Петър пътува из Бесарабия " (translation – “Tricky Petar's adventures in Bessarabia). Tetiana Stanieva is also a producer of “PowerFilm Production” video studio – a partner of “OKO’ International Ethnographic Film Festival.

"The reason I became a film director is not for a career in cinematography but

because I had something to share.
I did it not because I can, rather because I can’t live without doing it"