Yan Lelyuk

This person is intimately familiar with our equipment, and can single-handedly perform the majority of the work, if not everything. Proven cooperation for years shows that he is reliable, responsible, and always on time. Save the sound? Customize the picture? Bring formats from videos together? Meticulously refine syncs, frames, captions, sounds, logos? Guide others and help correct mistakes? That's all him! He will fix the irreparable, save the un-savable, and show empathy to others in the process. 


We all feel safe and calm under his direction. Moreover, his love for Bessarabia and Krinichnoye, his rich experience in video production, and his avid interest in film qualify him expressly for this role! 


By way of introduction, he is educated as a software engineer, and additionally completed INTERSHOOL courses to train as a specialist in television production, specializing in film editing. 


He's engaged in video shooting for ten years, and since 2014, he has been making and promoting YouTube videos and channels. In 2018 he co-founded PowerFilm Production.

Love and pity technical director Yan Lelyuk!