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How to get to Bolhrad

Bolhrad is 713 km distant from Kyiv, and there are several ways to reach the place of destination👇. 

1. Car 🚗. Road number E95 was recently renovated and is comfortable for driving. Travel time - about 9 hours.
☝️What to keep in mind. After passing Odesa, you can choose two road options: through Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi and Mayaky. GPS will "offer" you to take the first way. It is longer and is not so good as the other way, which crosses the territory of Moldova in the area of Palanka village. So, we'd recommend you to change the route by yourself and drive through Mayaky and Udobne villages, which border the neighbouring country. Do not be afraid of the word "border", you won’t even need a passport to pass the checkpoints. The only thing you will be asked is the number of people in the car. You will receive a small piece of paper, which will have to be given at the next checkpoint. Believe us, this way is much easier, the road here is much better, and you will save at least an hour and a half.
After passing the second checkpoint "Udobne", move through Tatarbunary straight in the direction of Bolhrad. 

2. Bus Kyiv - Bolhrad. Goes through Krynychne👍.
Phone number for ordering tickets:
098 449 19 29
068 837 65 45
💰The ticket price is 450 UAH.

3. Bus Kyiv - Izmail 🚌 + Izmail - Bolhrad. Choose any bus which leaves Kyiv for Izmail, but be sure to check the place of arrival on the ticket: it should be the bus station “Izmail”. By the way, both small transport operators and large companies, such as “Autolux “and “Ecolines”, work in this direction. The ticket price starts from 400 UAH.

At the bus station look for the bus named Izmail - Bolhrad, take it and in an hour, you are at your destination!
💰 The cost of the journey is 50 UAH.

4. Bus Kyiv - Odesa 🚌 + Odesa - Bolhrad 🚐. There is a variety of buses to Odesa. They usually arrive at the “Starosinna” bus station. But you’d better ask the exact point of arrival in Odesa when buying tickets. The ticket price – from 320 UAH to 530 UAH.
From this bus station, there are also many buses 🚐 in the direction of Bolhrad. For your convenience, we share a link to the website of the bus station "Starosinna", so you can choose your best time and transport: You will reach Bolhrad in less than 4 hours.
💰The cost of the journey is 230 UAH.

5. There is also another way to get to Bolhrad through Odesa – you can choose one of the trains on the route Kyiv - Odesa🚉.
💰The ticket price is from 180 UAH up to 1600 UAH.
After arriving in Odesa, take any convenient bus for you at the bus station "Starosinna". By the way, it is located directly across the road from the train station at Starosinna square, 1a-2.

6. 🚆 Train Kyiv - Izmail. There are everyday routes.
💰 Prices start from 223 UAH for a place in the 3rd class sleeper, 511 UAH – in the 2nd class sleeper, 1696 UAH – in the 1st class sleeper. In Izmail you need to get from the train station to the bus station "Izmail", you can do it by taking a taxi (35-50 UAH) or a minibus (6 UAH). There, you should get on the bus Izmail - Bolhrad (50 UAH). 

7. “BlaBlaCar”🚙. You can find both – a transport or passengers to toss-up by your car in this application.
💰The journey will cost you from 400 UAH to 1,200 UAH.
However, drivers often end up on their way in Izmail. So, you can ask to be taken to the Izmail bus station or, if possible, directly to Bolhrad (the distance between these towns is 40 km).
Therefore. You can drive your own car or find a car on “BlaBlaCar”. Or take a train or bus to Izmail, and from there – to get on a bus to Bolhrad. Or get to Odesa by bus and then take one to Bolhrad. Whatever way you choose, you will definitely come to our wonderful meeting place. Have a nice road, we are waiting for you in Bolhrad 😉!

☝️ Information for people willing to participate in the fair on September 16,17,18

Entrepreneurship Support Fund in Bolhrad district offers its support to everyone who wants to come to Bolhrad for the Ethnofest with souvenirs, delicacies, exhibitions, works of art, and more.

To book a commercial tent, contact Serhiy Moiseinko: +38067 289 37 88 

Where to stay

There are several variants of places to stay👇.

1. Hotel "Inzov" 🏨, Bolhrad.
💰The price of a triple room is 1,100 UAH, of a twin room – 1,000 UAH, of a four-bedded room – 950 UAH, a two and three-bedded room – 700 UAH, and of a single room – 480-620 UAH. No breakfast.

2. Hotel "Cooperator" 🏨, Bolhrad. No breakfast.
💰The price starts from 250 UAH.

3. Hotels in Izmail. The accommodation cost starts from 250 UAH per night for 1 adult. There are many options. We leave the link for booking –  

4. Hosts 🏘. There's a possibility to stay at the locals'.
We can offer some options for accommodation in Krynychne and other villages in the vicinity of Bolhrad. The price is 350-500 UAH. With breakfast.

5. Camping site 🏕. The location we have chosen for the camping is just magical 😍! This is a closed park area with
the exit to lake Yalpuh. Can you imagine what sunsets you will be able to see 🥰?
💰The price and other details will follow.

Our kind Julia Dimitrova (063 537 66 40) and Dona Todorova (095 686 29 84) will help you find the best accommodation for your request 🙌.

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