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Bulgaria Welcomes International Ethnographic Film Festival “OKO” Special Ukrainian Program!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

On May 24-26, International Ethnographic Film Festival “OKO” will screen a Special Ukrainian Program in Sofia Cinema House. This program will showcase a selection of films coming from different regions of the country. We want to show how diverse and rich Ukraine is, and how it is united by the dedicated love of its citizens to their land, by presenting this program. These films will give a chance to get to know Ukraine to those who haven’t been there yet. And for the Ukrainians, it will be a chance to savor deep personal insights filmmakers give us to either Donbas, Zakarpattia, or Bessarabia. Also, during the screening days within the Sofia Cinema House walls, a special photo exhibition will take place, displaying the beauty of the regions represented in the Special Ukrainian Program.

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