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«Oh in the Meadow Red Viburnum» conquers Belgium

Stepan Charnetskyi, the author of the text "Oh in the Meadow Red Viburnum", probably could not imagine that his song would be folklorized and would pass through the centuries. Even ten years ago the Ukrainian folklorists could not think that the song " Oh in the Meadow Red Viburnum " would be heard in different parts of Ukraine and the world, and would be sung by young and old alike? However the history, unfortunately, has the ability to repeat itself. And more than once Ukraine was burned by the flames of the war because of the spirit of indomitability and defiance.

Today, the enemy also wants to occupy Ukrainian territories and destroy our identity, and thousands of "volunteers are liberating our native Ukraine from the moscow's shackles", as the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen did more than a hundred years ago.As you know, in March 2023 our OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival traveled to Belgium and Switzerland.

As part of this trip, "Oh, the red viburnum in the meadow" was performed in Belgium in both Ukrainian and Bulgarian languages. Our director Tetіаna Staneva sang herself, and also taught the foreigners the Ukrainian song of resistance.

See how it was in our video.

"But we will raise that red viburnum! And we will cheer our glorious Ukraine up, hey-hey!"

Raina Mandzhukova translated the song into Bulgarian.

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