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OKO Film Festival Announces the Screening Schedule

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

From October 1 to 7, the G8 Cultural Center in Sofia will become a temple of ethnographic cinema. The central location of the OKO Film Festival will have two halls where the audience can choose and watch films from the international and national (Ukrainian and Bulgarian) competition programs, as well as special screenings of documentary, fiction, and experimental films. Special OKO events will also take place at other locations.

On October 1, at 17:00, we will welcome our guests at the Rainbow Plaza (29 Atanas Dukov Str., Sofia, Bulgaria) and begin the celebration of discovering the world through ethnographic cinema.

From October 2 to October 7, the OKO events will take place mainly at the central location—the G8 Cultural Center.

The screenings will start daily at 14:00 in Hall 2, where the audience will enjoy a short international program. International feature films will be screened at 16:00, and 18:00. National Ukrainian and Bulgarian films will be shown during the prime time, starting at 20:00. After the screenings, we will have Q&As with the filmmakers, who will either attend our event in person or contact us via Zoom. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the unique experience of creating an Pay attention to the program schedule also in Hall 3: here you can watch some of the films of the competition program again, as well as get to special screenings of Ukrainian films!

Ticket prices:

- regular — 10 BGN;

- for students and pensioners — 8 BGN.

Tickets are available at the cinema and online via the registration form:

(Please note: you will not receive a confirmation email after filling in the form).

For the donors who supported the donations campaign for this year's edition, the entrance is free. All you need to do is attach a screenshot of your donation when filling in the Google form, or show it to the staff at the box office at the cinema.

Address: G8 Cultural Center, 8 William Gladstone Str. (Sofia, Bulgaria).

More about the films included in the program:

Also, we want to bring to your attention that on October 3 and 5, at 11:00, the National Ethnographic Museum in Sofia will be hosting panel discussions on the following subjects: “People and the World: People and Ecology, People and War, People and Migration” and “Heroes Among Us” with renowned ethnographers and filmmakers.

Entrance is free for everyone!

Address: Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with the National Ethnographic Museum—BAN, Tsarska Hradina (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Also, on October 6, we invite you to a charity exhibition and auction by Ukrainian photographer Aleksandr Baron entitled “The People of Ukraine through Peace and War” that will take place at the “Enakor” Auction House. The collected funds will be used to support the 88th Separate Marine Battalion soldiers, who are heroically fighting and sacrificing their lives for the sake of civilization’s victory over russia’s terror.

Address: “Enakor” Auction House, 30 Ivan Denkoglu Str. (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Join OKO and discover the world with us!

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