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OKO Film Festival in Finland

It is cold outside in Finland, but inside the cinema hall "Orion" and in people's hearts, it was very bright and warm.

Today, on November 20, "OKO Travels" came to Helsinki to hold screenings of Ukrainian films. Even though there was a small company, even for a very short period of time, it was clear that the audience came to the screenings because of their interest in Ukraine.

The war sets new trends and moods.

Before February 24, there were few cooperations, joint businesses, and cultural events with Ukraine, but our enemy, the neighbor of Finland, had a variety of such activities.

But after February 24, the mood and demands of the Finns have changed. Like the rest of the world, they wanted to learn more about Ukraine, and films, like nothing else, show the reality. They document life and show it from the inside. Therefore, OKO will not stop and will continue promoting Ukraine! It will carry out cultural diplomacy until Ukraine is everywhere, in all spheres and age categories.

After the screening, we traditionally hugged each other, both tears and many words of support.

One family has bought magnets with a dog Patron for their children. They say they are fans of this hero. Here is the presence of Ukraine in Finland.

Now we are going further - to Bulgaria. For the second time.

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