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OKO in Bolhrad: three days of films, sincere hugs, and tears!

No matter how good it is abroad, it is always better at home — in Ukraine, in our native Bessarabia. We returned from Europe and held the film screenings at home in Bolhrad on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Here the members of the team of the International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO were welcomed with all hospitality and honors: there was a red carpet, candles, creative collectives in folk costumes, and a family with a baby wrapped in a bright pink blanket, which symbolizes our young but very perspective film festival. This welcoming ceremony was organized by the representatives of the Bolhrad Center for Culture and Leisure, the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports, and the administration of the Bolhrad City Council.

During three days, we had so many emotions and impressions: mini-concerts from local artists, warm words from the co-organizers, lively discussions of films with the audience, and a joint performance of patriotic songs.

The director of the film festival Tetiana Stanieva finalizes: "It is always cozy, calm, and bright at home, even if bombs are falling around, and it is dark. Home gives strength and inspiration. Bolhrad met us with grateful viewers and warm hearts, and assured us that the next fourth edition will be held here in a free and peaceful Ukraine. The cooperation agreement with the Bolhrad City Council for the next edition has been signed. We are waiting for Victory. And we are preparing for the new selection of films.

Films, like nothing else, help us to learn about the world and ourselves, to think over and feel the aftertaste for a long time. We understand our responsibility when we select films for the program because in this way we are forming opinions and educating values. On the other hand, there is also a reverse process: cinema reflects the pains and hopes, weaknesses, and values of society, which the viewer then reinterprets. We also understand our mission - to educate the culture of cinema in the regions. So that all participants in the process see it as an instrument of influence, spiritual enrichment, and one's own medicine. Thus, we are confident in what we are doing. We continue working to ensure that everything will be Ukraine, everything will be cinema, and everything will be OKO."

Just look how great we spent our time in Bolhrad!

The screenings were held thanks to the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria within the program "Bulgarian Aid for Development", the Bolhrad City Council, Ferry Complex Orlivka LTD, and personally Yuriy Dimchoglo, who is the Honorary President of our film festival, MEGOGO media service, and the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

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