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The Bulgarian «Right Chorо» and the Ukrainian «Kryvyi tanets» (the «Crooked Dance») in Brussels

Since ancient times communicative function has been one of the main functions of a dance. We get acquainted with each other, communicate, feel the hand of our partner due to a dance. A dance, like a song, knows no borders. It unites people, makes them move in one rhythm, and hearts beat in unison. А folk dance master class was held аs а part of the special screenings "OKO travels to Belgium and Switzerland" (March 2023). Our foreign guests learned to dance the Bulgarian "Right Chorо" and the Ukrainian "Kryvyi tanets" (the "Crooked Dance"). Let`s look how skillfull are our guests. Due to a dance, in particular, we have the opportunity to get to know other traditions. How many features we have in common. Let nothing break the circle of our connections!

P.S. You don't yet know how to dance the Bulgarian "Right Choro" and have never heard of the Ukrainian "Kryvyi tanets" (the "Crooked Dance")? Here is a great opportunity for you to learn, because the 4th edition of OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival is coming very soon.

The "Crooked Dance" to the song is performed by Folk Studio "Pravitsa", Myroslava Salii.

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