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The OKO team held a screening for Krynychne schoolchildren in a shelter

A meeting with students of Krynychne Lyceum took place on February 17. The occasion was the anniversary of the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

The director of the OKO Film Festival, Tetiana Stanieva, with other team members Donna Todorova and Dana Mitanova, brought to their native school the films from last year's Ukrainian program, which touched upon the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

It is important to note that we watched the films Own (directed by Myroslav Lutsyk) and Terykony (directed by Taras Tomenko) with students of 8-11 grades in the shelter because just before the screening, an air raid was declared across the country.

“It is rather difficult to watch these films without emotions because it is hard to discuss the war when we are still in it. In general, this younger generation has faced challenges: two years of pandemic and the war now. But the documentary genre of cinema exists to reflect reality and provide space for personal reflection.

We are glad that the school administration gave us a chance to talk to the children, to show them the experience of people from other parts of our country, and to share their feelings about it.

And, you know, after this meeting, we became sure that the young generation is wonderful. So, we can say with all confidence: Ukraine has a future, and it is beautiful!” shared Tetiana Stanieva.

The screening was followed by a brief discussion with the students in their native Bulgarian. Some viewers received film festival merch as a gift for their active participation in the talk.

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