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Winners of the Third Edition of the OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival, Toruń 2022

The third edition of the International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO is over! It was a real challenge, but we overcame all the difficulties, and we believe we succeeded. We never even dreamed of meeting so many talented, sincere, open, and dedicated people to the cinema.

Our festival has become a gathering point for filmmakers from all continents. We hope that these meetings will result in cool projects in the future. After all, this is one of the missions of our OKO - to promote intercultural dialogue through films and direct communication between creators.

And now, the main intrigue of our event - the winners! We feel sorry for the jury members, who had to make a rather difficult decision and choose only one winner from many pretty powerful participants in the contest. However, the rules of the competition cannot be changed, so pay attention! The winner of the short film competition is Nomad Girl directed by Rouhollah Akbari (Iran).

But the decision was too difficult to give preference to only one film, so the jury decided to honor two more contestants with a special mention. These are Wormwood Star directed by Adelina Borets, Ukraine, and Brave directed by Wilmarc Val, France about Haiti.

The winner of the feature film competition is I am Chance, directed by Weinberg Marc-Henri (Belgium about the Democratic Republic of Congo). This film made a real sensation - the cinema hall was almost filled, and after the screening, the lively discussion lasted for quite a long time.

We are grateful to all the directors who submitted their works for participation in the competition program of our film festival! You have gone an extremely difficult way from the idea to the creation of your unique product, which we were very happy to share with our audience. We are waiting for your next projects and wish you inspiration and strength to implement them!

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