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Domnikiia Todorova

I am Domnikiia Todorova. I was born in the scenic Bulgarian village of Krynychne, which is located in the picturesque Bessarabia. After successful graduation from school, I’ve entered the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, where I am currently studying the Philology of Germanic languages. During the period of study, my level of English has increased from B2 to C1, and German – from 0 to A1.

At the first International Ethnographic Film Festival "OKO" I was a volunteer and was responsible for the organization of banquets, meeting guests, monitoring the implementation of the schedule of broadcasts, the design of the premises for broadcasts.


The history of my native Krynychne has always been interesting to me. For several years in a row, I have been researching the culture of my village and gathering information about local customs and traditions. This is a hobby since school. During that time, I managed to write three ethnographic research works, for which I received prizes. I often asked local grandmothers to share stories about their youth and sing the songs, some of which are over 150 years old. In addition, I went through the archives of the village, analyzed the memories of my relatives to compile a family tree. Eventually, I "met" my ancestors until the seventh generation.

I have always been and still remain an activist of the village – that's why I'm here, in this insanely interesting project, which gives the opportunity to work without working, gives wings and inspires to continue doing my favorite thing. A child raised with Bulgarian milk and Bulgarian mother's lullabies, cannot help but give his heart and dedicate the life to his place of strength.

For me "OKO" is a chance to get new opportunities and gain knowledge that I will definitely need in the future. Also, it’s an invaluable experience and extraordinary emotions, a lot of generous and like-minded people.

I’ve always had a dream: to share my unique origin, culture, language, cuisine with the world. And with "OKO" it may come true! Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote in his “Citadel” that the house opposes the space, traditions oppose the passage of time, and I will say that the “OKO” opposes both of them.