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Q&A session with Osman Mehmed Yuseynov, director of the film Inherited Crafts

Sometimes, an outsider's view of things turns out to be very subjective and becomes a reason for strengthening certain stereotypes. This is precisely what the residents of the Stolypinovo urban district in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv faced. Thanks to media coverage, the district has gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous areas in the country, where lawlessness and crime reign supreme. The film's director, Osman Mehmedov Yuseynov, who lives and works in Stolypinovo, decided to show it from a different, unknown side and debunk some myths about it.

In this Q&A session with the audience, the author told us more about:

- How did he come up with the idea to make this film, and who helped him finalize the work on it?

- What obstacles did the team have to face?

- How did the characters and other residents of the district react to the film?

- What problems are relevant for Stolypinovo now?

The film provoked a very lively discussion, which involved not only interested viewers but also members of the jury. More details are available in the video.

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