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Q&A session with the director of the film "Goddesses" Sasha Theodora

The heart of Sasha Theodora, the director of the film "Goddesses", like the hearts of the most members of our team, burns with love for two countries. If for the "OKO" team it is Ukraine and Bulgaria, for Sasha it is Ukraine and Canada. Born in Canada, the ethnic Ukrainian woman loves the land of her ancestors and is experiencing this Russian-Ukrainian war with us.

Sasha visited the film screening and Q&A session personally.

During the conversation, the audience had a possibility to hear:

- Where does the branch of the Sasha`s family sprout from?

- Why is she interested in Ukrainian folklore and how does she preserve Ukrainian traditions overseas?

- How did the idea for the film come about?

- Why do folk lullabies and spring songs sound in the film?

The film is not documentary, so it did not participate in the competition, but we are going to expand the list of competition programs during the next editions. And we also dream that all the directors of our films could come to Ukraine for "OKO". And dreams, as you know, do come true.

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