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The power of music: Fa-Diez Band In Toruń 2022

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

This music cannot fail to enchant. It has the sun of the Ukrainian South and the openness and sincerity of ethnic Bulgarians. Yes, today we remember the performance of Фа-Диез BAND in Toruń at the Third Edition of ОКО - International Ethnographic Film Festival

At first, only music is playing in the hall. The first daredevils go to the dance. Subsequently, Tetiana Staneva takes the initiative into her own hands and invites everyone to dance. Gradually, the vortex of the dance captures more and more participants, the circle expands. Novices and virtuosos, men and women, young and old come together. And in that music and dances, Love and Mastery, Joy and Faith, Courage and Hope are intertwined. Because when we are together, we are strong.

Thank you Фа-Диез BAND for being with us all these years.

We are waiting for everyone at the Fourth Edition: we will celebrate the victory of Ukraine and learn to dance the Bulgarian chorus. We know exactly, you can't resist the music of "Fa-Diez".

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