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The "Song about Raina Popgeоrgieva" sounds in Belgium

Stereotypically women in the society are usually considered to be gentle and fragile. On the one hand, it is true. A woman is a mother, a woman is a wife. However, at all times, a lot of peoples of the world have had female heroines. Very often these women are simple. One of them is Raina Popgeorgieva, a Bulgarian teacher who participated in the anti-Turkish April Uprising of 1876. Raina became a living symbol of the Uprising, raising a hand-embroidered banner with the inscription: "Will or Death" at the head of the rebels. On the second day of the uprising Raіna took the flag in her hands, girded on her saber and revolver and sat on a selected horse to ride around the city and announce to the people that the Turkish yoke had been thrown off forever.

The "Song about Raina Popgeоrgieva" is very popular among the Bulgarians. A master class of singing this song was held by our director Tetiana Staneva for the guests in Brussels as part of "OKO travels to Belgium and Switzerland" (March 2023).

Today Ukrainian soldiers also struggle with the slogan "Will or death". How much we have in common. Let's get to know each other. The 4th edition of OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival is coming soon.

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